The New York Times Idiotwall

It took the New York Times almost two years and close to $40 million dollars to come up with its paywall scheme and the results neither reflect this huge investment in manpower nor money. It’s a mess that was designed by committee. I actually believe that most people would be more than willing to pay a reasonable amount for access to the NYTimes’ generally excellent reporting. The problem is, it almost feels as if the paywall was designed to scare away just those readers who would be willing to pay.


Joint Turns Twitter Into an IM Service

Twitter DM’s are a simple, effective way of getting in touch with people, but without presence indicators and , they don’t quite feel like real-time chats. Joint, a new project from the team behind content discovery service LazyFeed, piggybacks on Twitter’s social graph and allows you to turn your Twitter network into a fully-featured IM system, with one-on-one and group chats. It’s basically a private backchannel to Twitter.

Joint is currently in private alpha, but read on to find out how you can get an invite.


What Twitter's 5th Anniversary Video Tells Us About Its Future

Twitter celebrates its 5th anniversary today. While the company has recently taken to annoying its users with the #dickbar and is working hard on alienating its developers, Twitter decided to mark its birthday with a celebrity-studded video featuring Piers Morgan, Snoop Dogg, Hilary Clinton and Serena Williams, among many others. In it, Snoop Dogg tells us why he follows Martha Stewart, Piers Morgan explains that his show prep largely consists of checking out what his guests are saying on Twitter (which explains a lot, I think) and a musician named Julian Perretta says that he uses Twitter as a way of “learning what [he] should do” (which also explains a lot).