Why Google’s +1 Can’t Compete With Facebook’s Like

Google just launched it’s +1 button this morning, which allows its users to like sites and ads right on the search results page and which will soon also come to a site near you in the form of a Facebook-like “-1” button. Quite a few pundits are already proclaiming this as a Facebook competitor, but I have my doubts. For now, the benefits of clicking the +1 button simply aren’t there for users to bother clicking on them


Google Launches +1: A "Like" Button for Your Search Results

Google just launched Google +1, a “like” button for its search results pages and ads, later today. This new feature will allow users to share sites right from within the search results page. These sites will then be shared with a user’s social circle on Google and publicly, on their newly enhanced public Google Profile pages. This new feature will roll out slowly to all users, but to start using it today, just head over to Google Labs and activate the “+1 button.”


Want Google's Ultra High-Speed Broadband? Move to Kansas City, Kansas

Last year, Google announced that it would bring ultra high-speed broadband Internet to one community in the United States. After a long decision process, the search giant today finally announced which community will be the first to enjoy Google-sponsored Internet access that’s more than 100 times faster than the U.S. average. Out of the 1,100 cities that applied for Google’s so-called “Fibre for Communities program, Topka, Kansas probably went the furthest in attracting Google’s attention by renaming itself Google, Kansas. That was not enough, though, and Google today announced that it chose Kansas City, Kansas instead.