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Three Tech Stories You Should Read Today: Hotmail in HTML5, News.Me, Obama and Facebook

Every afternoon (or early morning, for our European readers) we feature three must-read stories about tech that were published in the last 24 hours. Some got a lot of attention, some flew under the radar. We aim for stories that are interesting and provide background information about current trends in the world of tech.

Here is today’s selection.


New Twitter Worm Promises to Tell You Who Unfollowed You

A new Twitter worm is spreading quickly this morning by pretending to tell users who has unfollowed them. Through using this kind of smart social engineering (who wouldn’t want to know who these ungrateful people are?), this rogue Twitter app gains access to a user’s account by using Twitter’s standard authentication mechanism. The worm also attaches terms to every one of these tweets that are currently trending on Twitter, ensuring these messages get seen by an even wider audience.