Google Voice Integration with Sprint is Now Live

Google just announced that its integration with Sprint’s wireless service is now live. Sprint users now have two options: turn your Sprint number into a Google Voice number so that your Sprint number will ring all your other phones, too, when somebody calls – or turn your Google Voice number into your Sprint number and replace your current mobile number. Either way, Google Voice will now replace Sprint’s voicemail system and international call will be routed through Google Voice, too.


Next: Opera Browser Gets a Dev Channel, Too

Blame Chrome. Ever since Google started releasing self-updating developer versions of its browser, other have been following suit. Mozilla now users the same concept for releasing early (and potentially unstable) versions of Firefox and starting today, Opera will use the same concept to give early adopters a sneak peak at upcoming version (codename Swordfish) of its browser, too. Dubbed Opera Next, users can install this version parallel to the stable version of Opera (these will remain two completely separate installs).


TV Ownership in U.S. Drops for 1st Time in 20 Years: Internet to Blame?

According to the latest estimates from Nielsen, TV ownership in the U.S. dropped from 98.9% to 96.7% over the last year. This is the first time these numbers have dropped since 1990. According to Nielsen, there are two reasons for this drop: 1) lower-income, rural households were not able to afford the necessary equipment for making the transition from analog to digital over-the-air TV and 2) as TV content becomes available on multiple devices, “a small subset of younger, urban consumers are going without paid TV subscriptions.”