Google and Ford Team Up to Make Your Next Car Smarter

In Ford’s vision, a driver would opt into this system and allow Ford to build an anonymous profile based on the data it gathers from a given car’s telematics system. Based on this data, the system would then be able to predict where you are going depending on the time of day, for example, and optimize your car’s performance settings accordingly. The car could also ask a driver for confirmation as well (“Are you going to work?”).


Hands-On With Google Music Beta on the Web

Google Music, the beta version of Google’s new music service just launched at Google I/O today and we just got a chance to take it for a test drive on the Web (look for our review of how it works on mobile devices later). After testing it for a little bit, it’s clear that this could be a major hit for Google. Indeed, among today’s music locker services, Google’s efforts come the closest to recreating the convenience of Lala, the service that Apple bought last year and promply shut down.


Live Blog: Google I/O Keynote (Day 1)

Google‘s developer conference kicks off with a keynote address this morning and we’re in the audience to bring you a live play-by-play account of the announcements. We will likely hear more about Google Music, the company’s new music locker service, as well as more about the future of Android, Chrome and Chrome OS. There have…