News Finally Gets Automatic Link Shortening

Link shorteners are some of the most often used tools in the Twitter ecosystem. While Twitter itself has been offering it’s own URL shortener for a while, it was never integrated into the web interface. That’s changing today. Twitter now automatically shortens links for URLs that take up more than 13 characters and will also ensure that links don’t point to sites that are reported to be malicious.

This feature is starting to roll out to “a small percentage of users” today, so don’t worry if you don’t see it yet. According to Twitter, it will eventually be available for everyone.


iCloud Isn’t a Replacement for MobileMe: Is Apple Completely Backing Away from Web Apps?

One thing I completely overlooked when Apple announced iCloud yesterday was the fact that it’s not replacing the current MobileMe email, contacts and calendar apps with better ones – it’s shutting all of its Web apps – including the MobileMe photo galleries – down altogether. Apple’s iCloud site doesn’t make any mention of these services…