Has Lulzsec Leaked Your Data Online? Here’s a Simple Tool to Check

The last few months saw the public rise of a new hacker group that works under the name Lulzsec. So far, they have hacked into networks from organizations that range from Sony BMG to Nintendo, Pron.com and PBS. In doing so, they have retrieved thousands of names, passwords and other personal data from unsuspecting users. While most of these organizations then go on and sell this information on the black market, Lulzsec regularly releases all of the data it collects online (they are, after all, just doing it for the ‘lulz’). Now, a new tools helps you to find out if any of your own personal data was made public in one of these leaks.


The Guardian: Digital First, Newspaper Second

The Guardian, one of the most highly respected newspapers in the UK today announced that it wants to become a “digital-first” organization and shift its “focus, effort and investment towards digital.” Newspapers have long struggled to adapt to an environment where printed newspapers are slowly becoming irrelevant due to faster news cycles and the availability…