Wikitude Brings its AR Navigation App to the U.S., Canada and Mexico

After launching various country-specific versions of it’s augmented reality-based navigation app in Europe, Wikitude today launched its first version for the North American market with Wikitude Drive for Android ($14.13). Wikitude Drive offers an interesting twist on the normal turn-by-turn navigation app, as it doesn’t show a map on the screen. Instead, you see a live video on the road lines on the road that tell you where you need to go. This, says Wikitude, allows you to focus on the road, even when you are looking at the GPS and is hence safer than your regular turn-by-turn GPS unit.


The Google+ iPhone App Has Arrived – But It’s Not Very Good

Google+ offers a pretty nice mobile web experience, but it’s relatively slow and limited when compared to the full web client on the desktop. While Android users have had access to a native Google+ app since launch – including access to Google’s Huddle group messaging feature – iPhone users had to wait for Apple to approve the app. That approval has finally come and the native iPhone app is now available in the App Store.


Google-Backed Measurement Lab to Distribute Free Routers for Broadband Testing

Measurement Lab is a Google-backed project that brings together industry and academic researchers who are interested in measuring broadband speed, doing network diagnostics and researching how ISPs throttle and block certain applications and services. The project launched in 2009 and has since released a number of tools for measuring your Internet connection. Now, with the BISMark (the Broadband Internet Service BenchMARK)project, Measurement Lab is taking its efforts one step further by by distributing a large number of free routers to users all across the country. Currently, the project gathers data every time a user runs a test on its website. This new project, however, will give researchers a better idea of how networks perform, as the measurements are done at the router level and hence shielded from problems on a user’s computer and home network setup.