Google News Gets a Fresh New Look

Over the last few weeks, Google has been slowly rolling out new designs for virtually all of its web-based products, including Google Search, Gmail, Good Docs and Maps. Today, Google News joined these products and the company’s news aggregation service now sports a new design as well. Besides the cleaner look with more whitespace and less clutter, Google also decided to stress the personalization feature by highlighting it more clearly at the top of the page.


Do You Secretly Read Your Spouse’s Email? You’re Not Alone

While many of us worry about protecting our private information from large corporations like Google and Apple, the reality is that those closest to you are more likely to care about your emails and browsing history than some corporate Big Brother. According to a new study by electronics review and shopping site Retrevo, 30% of all the men in this study and 35% of women have ever checked the email or call history of someone they are dating. For married couples, those numbers are slightly higher (32% for males and 41% for females) and – no surprise – parents are just as likely to spy on their kids (37%) as they are to spy on each other.