SiliconFilter Contributors

Frederic Lardinois (Founder and Editor)

Frederic Lardinois founded SiliconFilter in 2011. Before starting this site, he wrote about 1,500 articles for ReadWriteWeb. His areas of interest are consumer web and mobile apps, as well as Internet-connected devices like cars, smart sensors and toasters.

You can reach him at [email protected]

Michael de la Maza

Michael de la Maza was a member of the founding team of Inquira (acquired by Oracle) and a VP of Corporate Strategy at Softricity (acquired by Microsoft). He holds a PhD in Computer Science from MIT and is the author of Rapid Chess Improvement and co-author of Professional Scrum with Team Foundation Server 2010. He is an angel investor with a wonderful position in Fitocracy and a developing a position position in the second screen space. He blogs about his vow of middle class poverty at and can be reached at [email protected]

Alexander Burger

Alexander Burger is a tech writer who also blogs at

Bill Soistman

Bill Soistmann is a programmer, educator, and trouble maker who has been sharing his opinions online since 1995.

He has more than twenty-five years experience solving real world problems and turning ideas into websites, mobile applications, and actionable strategies. He lives in Delaware with his lovely wife and two brilliant children. He cares far too much about baseball and blogs about faith, family, freedom, and fun. He currently spends a lot of time hanging out on Google+.

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