Google Acquires Social Media Analytics Service PostRank

Google just acquired PostRank, the Canadian social media monitoring and analytics company that allows publishers to see how their content is shared on the social Web. PostRank launched in 2007 (and was still called AidRSS at that time) and currently offers to main products: PostRank Connect and Analytics. Google was most likely more interested in PostRanks’ Analytics package, which would make a nice addition to Google’s own Analytics service.


Google Launches Instant Previews for Ads

Instant Previews made their debut on Google’s search results pages since last November, but today, Google is taking this concept one step further by introducing Instant Previews for ads as well. With Instant Previews for Ads, you can now get a preview of the site that lurks behind text ads on Google Search. For advertisers, who generally pay Google per click on a text link, this should be a welcome new feature, as it will allow potential customers to see a preview of the site’s landing page without having to click on an ad (and hence costing the advertiser money). Advertisers won’t have to pay for clicks on the Instant Preview button.


AdWords Gets Free Phone Support: Is Google Finally Taking Customer Service Seriously?

Google may be one of the world’s biggest Internet companies, but if you want to talk to a real human being when you run into an issue with Google, you’re generally out of luck. While Google offers customer support through email for some services, the company’s online FAQs and help pages are generally the only means to get official information about a product. Google’s dislike for offering phone support was also on display when it launched its Nexus One smartphone without offering any phone support and only launched a phone support line after lots of complaints from its users. Maybe things are changing in Mountain View, however. Today, Google announced that it will offer free phone support for its AdWords advertising platform in the U.S. and Canada.