Posterous Reinvents Itself Around Public/Private Sharing

Posterous, the minimalist blogging/sharing platform that had some issues growing its business in the face of massive competition from Tumblr and similar services, announced a massive revamp of its service today. With Posterous Spaces, the company is now focussing more on sharing content privately – something both Google+ and Facebook are also trying to do. You can, of course, continue to post everything publicly as well, but Posterous clearly believes that the future of content sharing is likely to be private and not always out in the open.

Reviews Wants to Make Curation Frictionless

One of the most over-used words of the last year is “curation.” For the most part, though, while writers and reports are in love with the idea of curating Internet content, this concept has not really caught on with mainstream users., on the other hands, wants to make curation as frictionless as possible and allow anybody to easily create magazine-like pages with curated content in just a few clicks. I’ve tested many curation services over the last few months, but thanks to this ease of use, has been the only one that I’ve really stuck with.