Reviews Wants to Make Curation Frictionless

One of the most over-used words of the last year is “curation.” For the most part, though, while writers and reports are in love with the idea of curating Internet content, this concept has not really caught on with mainstream users., on the other hands, wants to make curation as frictionless as possible and allow anybody to easily create magazine-like pages with curated content in just a few clicks. I’ve tested many curation services over the last few months, but thanks to this ease of use, has been the only one that I’ve really stuck with.


WordPress Writing Helper Wants to Help You Write Better Blog Posts

WordPress today announced two new features for its hosted platform that aim to make writing blog posts and getting editing feedback a bit easier. With the new “Copy a Post” feature, writers can easily copy and paste old blog posts as templates for new ones. This is especially handy when you’re doing regularly scheduled round-up posts or similar posts. The second new feature allows writers to request feedback from others about their posts. The WordPress Writing Helper is now live on all blogs.


New Plugin Promises Better Search for Self-Hosted WordPress Blogs

The default search engine for self-hosted WordPress installs is generally not very good and mostly organizes search results by chronology and not relevance. Over time, a number of companies like Lijit and others have tried to improve this and many WordPress users also resort to custom Google search engines to offer their readers acceptable search results. For the most part, though, WordPress search remains an unsolved problem. Yolink’s Wordpress plugin, which is officially launching tonight, aims to change this by offering bloggers a good search engine that is easily customizable and deeply integrated into WordPress.


Jetpack: WordPress Wants to Bring the Best of to Self-Hosted Blogs

WordPress wants to bring the worlds of and closer together. Automattic’s, the popular blog hosting service, is also the company behind the open-source WordPress software for hosting blogs on your own server. While most of the features Automattic introduces to eventually make it to the self-hosted version, some rely on being…