Jux: Blogging in HD

Blogs and microblogs, for the most part, all look pretty much the same these days. Jux, however, wants to bring a new look to blogs. According to the company own mission statement, “blogs and websites have mostly accumulated clutter” since their inception. While I can’t fully agree with that, the company’s approach to presenting content sure…


Guardian Plans to Create New Tech & Media Blog Network, Swap Articles With Blogs

The Guardian plans to create a new network of tech and media blogs. According to the newspaper’s head of media and technology Dan Sabbagh, this new network would work with two very distinct models. The first is a non-commercial agreement that will allow the Guardian to republish articles from the blogs in its network. In return, these blogs will also be allowed to republish Guardian articles on their sites as well (up to the swap limit). In addition, the Guardian also plans a commercial offering where the organization would also sell ads for some of the blogs in its network (or even host the sites outright and share revenue).