Jux: Blogging in HD

Blogs and microblogs, for the most part, all look pretty much the same these days. Jux, however, wants to bring a new look to blogs. According to the company own mission statement, “blogs and websites have mostly accumulated clutter” since their inception. While I can’t fully agree with that, the company’s approach to presenting content sure makes for a visually stunning experience. Instead of traditional posts and pages, Jux presents users with a distraction-free fullscreen view of every article, quote, video and slideshow. There are no ads on the site.

The focus here is clearly on large images (including slideshows), but Jux also offers templates for posting long articles and short quotes. If you are into video, there is also an option to embed YouTube clips. While you can’t embed other peoples’ posts on your own blog, you do get the option to do so with your own posts.

One thing the Jux team doesn’t seem to be interested in, though, is adding many social features to the site. There is no commenting function, for example, and you can’t follow other users’ posts.

There is really little point in describing what the site looks like here. Just head over there and check out a few examples. Setting up your own blog on Jux is about as easy as it could be. The interface for posting content, too, shows a considerable amount of polish for such a new product.

Is it really going to change the way you blog? Is Jux good enough to make you switch away from Tumblr or Posterous (and the community there)? I’m not sure, but it’s nice to see a service that tries to push the casual blogging concept forward.