15 Million Downloads Later: TweetDeck Turns 2

TweetDeck, the popular Twitter client, just celebrated its 2nd birthday. According to the company’s founder Iain Dodsworth, the TweetDeck desktop client has been downloaded 15 million times and the iPhone app has been downloaded 2.5 million times. Overall, TweetDeck now sends out 4 million tweets, Facebook status updates and Buzz messages every day.

That, of course, is a major achievement for any company. Even more impressive, however, is the fact that TweetDeck is now 5 times larger than its closest competitor.

Looking Ahead

TweetDeck - (Build 20100625223402).jpg

According to Dodsworth, Tweetdeck’s “mission is to help our users manage and harness these information flows. To that end, we are moving towards being truly multi-stream, re-building our clients from the ground-up with multi-stream functionality ingrained rather than simply bolting on new disconnected networks.”

TweetDeck wants to be at the intersection of all of the multiple networks that its users use and ensure that it doesn’t make a difference on which network somebody says something.

Of course, like many of its competitors, TweetDeck is also still looking to effectively monetize its service. For the time being, it still isn’t clear how TweetDeck plans tomonetize its service.