5 Million Downloads Later, Fotopedia Launches "Wild Friends"

Fotopedia has made a name for itself as one of the premier iOS publishers for photo-based books on iOS. Founded by Jean-Marie Hullot, the former CTO of NeXT and Apple’s Applications Division, the company has now seen over 5 million downloads of its free and paid apps. Today, Fotopedia is launching its newest app, Wild Friends, in cooperation with Wild Wonders of Europe, the largest photography-based conservation communication initiative in the world. Available for free, Wild Friends features Fotopedia’s trademark high-quality photos and slideshows. In total, the app features over 2,400 photographs from sixty-nine photographers.

As the name implies, the app features images of “arctic foxes, chamois,dolphins, humpback whales, imperial eagles, monk seals, puffins – as well as less familiar creatures such as the wisent, the saiga antelope and the ghost shark.”

Fotopedia seal ipad

Normally, though, a digital coffee table book like this (and the company’s earlier apps) would be relatively static object. With this newest app, though, Fotopedia is introducing a new feature called Visual Stories, which will present a new story from one of the photographers (with accompanying photos, of course), every day.

While some of Fotopedia’s other apps are paid apps and others, including the beautiful Fotopedia Japan app, are available for free and are monetized through relatively unintrusive ads, Wild Friends doesn’t feature any third-party ads, though it does advertise the company’s other products at times.