Adobe Launches Online PDF to Word Converter

Do you ever find yourself in a situation where you want to edit a PDF document but don’t have the tool to convert it into an editable format like Microsoft Word? Adobe just launched a new online tool for converting PDF documents to Word. ExportPDF costs $19.99 per year and is meant to let you easily convert any PDF without security restrictions into a Word document. The tool is the counterpart of Adobe’s CreatePDF service ($9.99 per month), which – as the name implies – allows you to convert Word documents to PDF.

Of course, there are also plenty of other third-party options for converting PDF documents to Word. One service that has worked especially well for me is nitro software’s free PDFtoWord,com, which will email you the converted document (.doc or .rtf). Another option, of course, is to use Adobe’s own PDF authoring tool Acrobat X, but at $450, that’s probably overkill if you just want to convert a few documents.

That said, though, ExportPDF does offer a few features that may persuade some users to pay. It does convert documents into the modern .docx Word format, for example, which should provide a Word document that’s closer to the original PDF. Adobe also promises to preserve all tables, images, multicolumn texts, as well as page, paragraph and font attributes. Sadly, you can’t give the service a try without paying, though, which will like dissuade quite a few potential users.