Amazon Attacks Apple: Launches Mac Download Store

Amazon today quietly launched its Mac Download Store, a direct competitor to Apple’s new Mac App Store for desktop apps. Amazon has lately had a propensity for launching stores that directly compete with existing solutions. Just a few weeks ago, it launched an Android app store that takes on Google’s own solution. Now, with the Mac Download Store, Amazon is taking on Apple as well.

Amazon mac app store

The store currently features about 250 apps. That’s not a huge number, but it’s worth noting that Amazon features a number of productivity apps, including Microsoft Office (starting at a discounted $115), that Apple doesn’t currently offer in its own store. Amazon is also strongly focussing on games. The store includes hits from Electronic Arts and Aspyr, as well as offerings from many independent developers (which are officially sold by “Amazon Digital Services”). Overall, though, the app selection is rather uneven but will likely change as Amazon gets more independent Apple developers to join.

To kick things off, Amazon is also offering a $5 coupon for first-time users.


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