Amazon Drops the Price of its S3 Cloud Storage Service

Amazon today announced that it is dropping the price of its Simple Storage Service (S3) for storing data in the cloud. On average, S3 users can expect savings somewhere between 12% and 13.5%, depending on how much data they store in the cloud. While Amazon only announced the price drop today, the new pricing actually went into effect on February 1st.

S3 pricesIn its announcement today, Amazon notes that "there's been a lot written lately about storage availability and prices." One of the benefits of Amazon's scale as a cloud provider is, in its own words, its ability to "lower prices again now." Amazon also points out that one advantage it has over on-site storage (which can often be cheaper), is that its price drops don't just apply to new data but to all the existing storage its users have on the service.

Just a week ago, Amazon announced that it now stores over 762 billion different object on S3 – up from 262 billion objects a year ago.

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