As expected, Digg's users are unhappy with the redesign - a few examples

Our RWW post about the new Digg just hit the Digg front page – and the comments are anything but friendly. A few choice examples:

  • dw221 Plain and simple….this sucks! Bring back the old Digg.
  • tophomeloans What’s the point in digging if you don’t get credit for it. Screw this…..
  • originalmadmatt this is crap.. digg has gone to the dogs..
  • outlawsundown New Digg is like New Coke horrible and unwanted. Bring back Classic Digg!
  • fuzybuny What the fuck is up with the color scheme?
    What the fuck is up with the layout?
    Where the fuck is the upcoming section?
    How the fuck do I see peoples comments?
    Fuck this fucking fuck shit and fuck Diggs shitty ass Web Designer they should have hired a fucking Usability specialist now this website is pure fuckery.

Almost by default, users don’t like redesigns – and the more invested users are in a site, the less they like change. It’ll be interesting to see what the effect of this redesign will have over the next week or so. Early reactions are almost unanimously negative (and Diggers tend to be quite vocal in their disapproval)