Bing Officially Launches Out of Beta in Germany, Claims 20% of Germans Now Use it Regularly

While Google is facing more and more criticism these days, Microsoft quietly continues to improve its search engine Bing. While Bing is currently available in almost 40 countries, Microsoft has been taking its sweet time to officially launch its localized versions out of beta. Today, Microsoft announced that, after 2 years of beta testing, the German version is now also officially out of beta.

About Those 20%…

The beta label itself, of course, doesn’t really have that much meaning anymore these days, but what’s maybe more interesting that the minor change in Bing Germany’s logo, is the fact that Microsoft also claims that the site now has 10 million users per month. That’s about 20% of the German Internet population. It’s obviously hard to verify these numbers, but it’s worth noting that most other sources put Bing at a significantly lower market share between 2% and 5%. Chances are then, that Microsoft is massaging these numbers quite a bit and probably counts anybody who visits Bing just once per month as an active user. 

In the U.S. Bing's market share is currently around 15% according to comScore, though it's worth noting that the combined Bing/Yahoo market share is about 30%.


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