Catching Up: The Best Tech Stories of Today

Every day, we round up the most interesting tech stories of the day here. Unlike most days, today wasn’t dominated by a small number of stories that broke during the morning, so instead of focusing on just a few major events, today’s list consists of a more eclectic mix of stories than usual.

The selection ranges from a discussion of where Mozilla should focus its energies on in the near future by the organizations’ own chair Mitchell Baker, to an overview of the flaws that a Google engineer found in a major anti-virus product.

Read those stories – and more – by clicking on any of the headlines below.

Best of Today (8/5) in Best / Frederic Lardinois (fredericl)

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7 Replies to “Catching Up: The Best Tech Stories of Today”

  1. Yo dude. Love the concept, but it’s too hard to read. Any way to make it larger and / or make it so the headlines are fully visible?

  2. @randallb Good question. I’ve been wondering about that myself. I’ll ask the Pearltrees crew about that.

  3. There’s a slider bar on the lower right that zooms in and out. It could still use a little adjusting on the overall format.

  4. @StephenHauskins good point. That doesn’t let you see more of the headlines, though, or am I missing something?

  5. @FredericL

    It helps a little. The text and the lines should be a little further out to open up some space between each topic

  6. Frederic, aside from the zoom feature which influences the size of the pearls and trees we haven’t yet made it possible to alter the size of text or pearltree names to make them more visible. It’s a good thought though – perhaps something we’ll get around to for the 1.0 version.

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