Catching Up: The Most Interesting Tech Stories of the Day (6/29)

We can only write so many stories here every day, but we read (or at   least skim) through quite a few throughout the course of any given  day. Here is a selection of some of the most interesting and  thought-provoking stories we saw today.

After yesterday’s Google madness, today’s news focused on putting Google+ into perspective. Then, of course, there was also the news about MySpace, which was sold off for $35 million today and a merry assortment of other stories that didn’t get a lot of play, but are worth reading and are hence included in our list below.

As an experiment, we are using Pearltrees to curate these stories. Just click on a headline that looks interesting to you and an overlay with the article will appear. Use the arrow buttons at the top of the screen to navigate between stories.

Best of Today (6/29) in (fredericl)