Catching Up: Today's Must-Read Tech Stories

Every day, we compile a list with the most interesting and thought-provoking tech stories published over the last 24 hours. Given that it’s Monday, we also include a number of interesting reads from the weekend in today’s round-up.

Today’s Headlines: Kindle Fire Reviews, Google X and the State of Innovation

As expected, the first reviews of Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet arrived late last night (with the actual devices shipping to customers today). We added a few of these to our list today. The general tenor is that it’s an impressive tablet for $199, though it can’t rival the iPad in terms of design and ease of use. It also looks as if Amazon had to cut some corners to bring the price down (the Fire doesn’t have physical volume controls, for example).

To read these stories (which we curate with the help of Pearltress), just click on any if the headlines in the embed below. An overlay will then appear and allow you to read the story and easily navigate to all the other ones as well.

Best of the Weekend (11/12-13) in Best / Frederic Lardinois (fredericl)