Catching Up: Today's Must-Read Tech Stories (9/12)

Every day, we compile a list with the morning’s most interesting tech stories. As usual on Mondays, today’s list doesn’t just feature stories from the last few hours, but also some of the best stories published over the weekend.

We are, of course, still dealing with the fallout of the TechCrunch/AOL/Arrington fiasco, but there was definitely no dearth of other interesting tech stories over the last few days. Forbes, for example, featured an inspiring story about Intel executive Sean Maloney’s recovery from a stroke he had in 2009. The Next Web, which continues its push to high-quality original content, featured an interesting story about the mostly forgotten Apple co-founder Ron Wayne this weekend and the New York Times took a closer look at what’s in store for Delicious now that the YouTube founders have bought it.

To read these stories, just click on any headline in the embed below that sounds interesting. An overlay will then pop up and allow you to read the story and navigate to all the other ones as well.

Catching Up (Weekend 9/11) in Best / Frederic Lardinois (fredericl)