Catching Up: Today's Must-Read Tech Stories (New Facebook Edition)

Every day, we compile a list with the most interesting tech stories published over the last 24 hours.

While there were a few other stories over the last 24 hours that made headlines, nothing dominated the news as much as Facebook announcements at F8. From auto-sharing to the new profile pages, Facebook launched and announced some massive updates. In that spirit, we decided to dedicated today’s edition of Catching Up solely to these. Besides a short summary of all the new features Facebook announced, we focused on analysis stories here that go a bit deeper into the new features and their consequences for users, developers and the businesses that use Facebook.

To read these stories (which we curate with the help of Pearltress), just click on any headline in the embed below that sounds interesting. An overlay will then pop up and allow you to read the story and navigate to all the other ones as well.

Facebook Updates in Best / Frederic Lardinois (fredericl)