Culinary Google: New Search Feature Makes Finding Recipes Easier

Whether you’re an accomplished home cook or just want to put something more imaginative on the table than pasta with canned sauce, chances are you’ve used a search engine to find new recipes. Starting today, Google is making it easier to find just the right thing to cook thanks to its new Recipe View feature. With Recipe View, which will soon appear in the Google sidebar, you can search for specific recipes and ingredients. You can then narrow these results down by cooking time, calories and recipes from your favorite chefs.


Until now, recipe search results were often rather messy on Google, as low-quality sites often obscured the really interesting results (which, of course, is a familiar problem in other verticals as well).

If you publish recipes online and would like yours to show up in Google’s Recipe View, you need to mark them up with the right tags. These are based on Google’s rich snippets markup that allows publishers to bring structured data to search results.