Evernote Now Has 20 Million Users, Partners with Orange in France

At LeWeb this morning, the conference’s host and Seesmic founder Loic Le Meur interviewed Evernote founder and CEO Phil Libin. One of Evernote’s tenets is to be as transparent as possible. Due to this, Libin is generally not shy about sharing any data about the company. This year, for example, he noted that Evernote now has 20 million users, a number that’s almost double from just 12 months ago.

Evernote Stats

Looking at the company’s vast amount of data about its customers, Libin also noticed that many of the people who leave Evernote at some point tend to come back later. While many users leave after about 10 months of using the service, quite a lot of them then come back about 10 months later.

Evernote now also have about 9,000 partner apps that use the company’s API.

As for the company’s freemium model, Libin noted that after the first month, only about one half of one percent pay, but just under 27% of those who stay for 40 months now pay. Evernote turned profitable about 6 months ago, but due to its recent hiring spree and international expansion, the company isn’t currently profitable anymore, though Libin obviously expects it to return to profitability soon.

The company’s users pay either $5 for a monthly subscription to its premium features of $50 for a yearly subscription.

Orange Partners with Evernote in France

Evernote also today announced a partnership with Orange in France, one of the largest mobile and broadband carriers in Europe. According to Orange’s Paul-Francois Fournier, the conversation between Evernote and Orange started about a year ago at LeWeb. All of Orange’s customers will get free access to Evernote’s premium features for a year. This is Evernote’s first European partnership and will go into effect in the spring of 2012.

This is Evernote’s second major partnership after also signing a similar deal with DoCoMo in Japan earlier this year.

A Good Week for Evernote

Evernote was also named one of Inc. magazine’s companies of the year. As Libin noted, he didn’t even know about this until he saw the magazine on a newsstand at the airport earlier this week.

Evernote also just launched its food application for iOS earlier this week.