Facebook: A Billion Page Views Isn't Cool. You Know What's Cool? A Trillion Page Views

Google’s Doubleclick advertising unit  just updated its list of most-visited websites in the world. According to Google’s data, Facebook’s website reaches 46.9% of all Internet users and can now boast a total of 1 trillion page views from 870 million unique visitors. This easily makes the social network the single most visited site on the web, far ahead of any other online service. Indeed, even YouTube’s 100 billion page views seem paltry in comparison, though it’s worth noting that it almost rivals Facebook with regards to its unique visitors (790 million).

Clearly, though, Facebook is a far stickier site and users come back more often and reload the page more frequently. YouTube’s visitors, on the other hand, don’t quite return as often and probably only watch one or two videos per session. In this context, though, it is also worth noting that Facebook is also becoming a major video destination these days. According to the latest data from comScore, the social network is now the #3 video site in the U.S. (after YouTube and Vevo).

Here is the complete top 10:


[via: labnol]