For $99 per Month, Socialflow Will Help You Publish Your Tweets at the Right Time

For $99 per Month, Socialflow Will Help You Publish Your Tweets at the Right Time

SocialFlow, which analyzes your Twitter and Facebook stream and followers to help you get the maximum exposure for your status updates, came out of beta today. After a bit more than a year of slowly adding accounts, anybody can now sign up for the service, though this definitely not a tool for regular users. The company's pricing plans start at $99/month for optimizing one Twitter or Facebook account. This price isn't likely to keep big brands and agencies from using it, but it's unlikely to attract small businesses or even individual users. If you just want to give it a try, though, you can currently sign up for one month of service for just $1.

What's the Best Time to Tweet?

The idea here is that the company's algorithms will figure out when a specific message is most likely to reach an audience that will engage with it. For brands and their agencies, of course, this is somewhat of a holy grail, given that retweets, likes and @replies are some of the few reliable metrics they can use to gauge the success of their social media campaigns.

Optimized Publisher SocialFlow

SocialFlow has full access to Twitter's firehouse and can also analyze Facebook data streams for you, giving it an unusually high degree of access to data. This allows it to gain a better understanding of a publishers audience, the topics they write about and the topics their followers interact with and when they are most likely to see a tweet. Instead of just randomly tweeting away, SocialFlow helps its users to fine-tune their message and then tweets it out for them at the optimal time.

Useful for News Brands?

This whole concept probably works best for the kind of brand messages most companies send out on Twitter, though I doubt it is very useful for news brands. News, after all, is a perishable good and getting a message out fast is generally more useful than having an algorithm decide when to post it for you.

If you want to give the service is a try, you can sign up for the $1 trial here.