Good Riddance: IE6 Usage Falls to Under 1% in U.S.

According to the latest data from Net Applications, Microsoft's Internet Explorer 6, the browser that overstayed its welcome for many years, is finally in its last throes. Usage of IE6, which officially launched 10 years ago, has now fallen to under 1% in the United States. While American users hung on to IE6 for longer than other nations like Austria, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway, it's good to see IE6 usage drop from 4.2% in December 2010 to 0.9% in 2011. As Microsoft itself notes today, this hopefully means that "more developers and IT Pros can consider IE6 a “low-priority” at this point and stop spending their time having to support such an outdated browser."

Just about nine month ago, Microsoft launched its own IE6 Countdown site to track the demise of IE6. Over the last year, the worldwide usage of IE6 has dropped 6 percentage point. It's worth noting, though, that around the world, 7.7% of all Internet users are still using this completely outdate (and insecure) browser.

The majority of these users come from China, where IE6 still has a whopping 25% market share. In virtually every other country, Microsoft's old browser now holds under 5% of the market.

Internet Explorer 6 Countdown | Death to IE 6 | IE6 Countdown

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46 Replies to “Good Riddance: IE6 Usage Falls to Under 1% in U.S.”

  1. @hnbot @d_run It’s nice to see that IE6 has dropped to under 1%. I think people should stop developing to IE7 now. 😉

    1. @byroncheng oo good idea. yeah i don’t understand why one would decide to upgrade but not to the latest version. kind of defeats purpose?

      1. @drakej It has to do with compatibility. Turns out that SAP doesn’t like IE9 yet. At least, when I tried.

      1. @LukeMaciak Even Poland isn’t? Hoooray for us! But IE8 is still popular, furthermore i think that 9 is nice and 10 Beta is even better.

    1. @mikelikesbikes that’s not the point, it was at 4.2% last year and significantly dropped to 0.9%. It’s days are numbered

        1. @mikelikesbikes It’s opportunity cost is going way down and continuing to go way down, how is this not a good thing?

    1. @fayerwayer esos links son copy/paste igual que la gran mayoria del resto de lo que publican? si es asi, que paja. si no lo es, leeré 🙂

  2. @eng IE6 under 1% in the US is definately better news. The Bears news just affects sports fans. IE6 is a drag to everyone on the internet.

  3. RT @sakamotoh 中国は海賊版で正規アップデートができず多し “IE6の使用率は米では1%以下、中国では25%(世界平均7.7%) 中印のような新興国だと1)古いPCがまだ健在、2)ネットブックなどでXP使用率高い、からかな?

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  5. @gclarkmt dude, I say props to that…but what version are they on now (really have no idea) and are updates required? #ithinkwehadIE6atMSU

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