Google Announces Dates for I/O 2012: April 24-25

Last year, Google’s I/O developer conference sold out within less than a hour. Today, Google announced the dates for I/O 2012. The conference will return to San Francisco’s Moscone Center on April 24 and 25, 2012. Google hasn’t announced when tickets will go on sale yet, though, but we can only hope that the registration procedure will go a bit more smoothly than the last time around and that developers outside of the U.S. will have a better chance to register (last time, registration opened in the middle of the night for European developers, for example).

Besides bringing its developers up to speed on the latest development techniques using Google’s tools, the event has also become the launching ground for major new Google products. This year, for example, Google launched its Android@Home initiative (though we haven’t heard much about it since), Google Music Beta and its Chrome OS notebook series.

In addition to this, Google I/O also has become rather well known for its giveaways. Google I/O 2011 attendees, for example, received both a Samsung Galaxy tablet, a ChromeBook and a WiFi hotspot (full disclosure: press attendees, including yours truly, received these gifts, too).