Google Apps for Business Users Finally Get 24x7 Phone Support

Until now, Google Apps for Business users who pay a monthly or annual per-user fee to use the business versions of Gmail, Google Docs and similar services under their own domain names had one problem: the only real support option was over email. While that may work for most problems, quite a few users actually prefer to get an immediate answer and to talk to somebody knowledgeable over the phone. Starting today, Google now provides 24×7 phone support for Google Apps for Business users for all issues related to the product’s core services. These include Gmail, Google Docs and Google Calendar, among others.

As Jocelyn Ding, Google’s VP for Enterprise Operations notes in the announcement today, “In the early days, our customers reached us mainly through email, and our 24 x 7 phone support was limited to critical issues. To improve the experience of our customers, we now provide 24 x 7 phone support to small, medium, and large Google Apps for Business customers for all issues affecting the core services.”

Here are the phone numbers you can call: [list]

  • U.S. Technical Support: 1-877-355-5787
  • International Technical Support: 1-404-978-9282 [/list]

Customer Satisfaction Among Google Apps Users: 80%

According to Google’s own numbers, customer satisfaction among Google Apps for Business users is 80% for business customers and 90% for large business customers. While Google glances over this, the fact that 20% of business customers aren’t fully satisfied with Google Apps is quite a high number and surely one of the main reasons why Google now offers phone support.

Google has always had an aversion against offering support by phone. After all, Google is the company that didn’t offer phone support when it launched its first phone. It’s interesting to see that this seems to be changing now.

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