Google Gives Its +1 Buttons a New Design

Google Gives Its +1 Buttons a New Design

Few people, I’m sure, have complained about the design of the company’s ubiquitous +1 buttons. Today, however, Google is launching a new design for the +1 button. In order to provide a consistent design across its properties, the new buttons will look similar to the new red and white Google+ icon. As usual, Google is now rolling this new design out to its Google+ Platform Preview Group for testing and will likely roll it out to the public within the next few days.

Even though it’s not clear how successful Google+ actually is, there can be little doubt that the +1 buttons have quickly become widespread across the web.

plus_one_new_buttonIf you are currently using a +1 button on your site, you won’t have to do anything to your setup. The new design will automatically appear on your site once Google flips the switch.

Google is also making this change on Google+ itself, where the reaction to this change so far has been somewhat mixed.