Google Gets Ready to Slam Tech Demos (or something like that)

demoslam_grassmowerAccording to a cryptic message on the even more cryptic, a site that looks to be a Google property, "technology is awesome. Learning about it isn’t. Until now." Starting on Wednesday, the text on this teaser site reads, you can come to the site to watch demos , "choose your favorites and most importantly, show the world what you can do."

MG Siegler over on TechCrunch thinks that this could be an HTML5 project to showcase great tech demos, but as he rightly notes, the site itself is in Flash, which would be rather odd for an HTML5 competition.

I did some basic sleuthing and the site was registered on Go Daddy in August and the whois entry was last updated on October 4. The site itself looks to be hosted by Tier 3. overweight_rabidsThe registration is private, though, so it’s rather hard to confirm that this is indeed a Google project (hence why I’m not writing about it on ReadWriteWeb for now).

Assuming this is indeed a Google project (maybe a 20% project), chances are that the company plans to hold some kind of competition where the best tech demos go head to head. Tech demos can indeed be pretty bad, so I’m all for any effort to make them better and to highlight the best so others can learn from those examples.

We will likely know more on Wednesday, but I also just reached out to Google to see if there is anything they would like to share about the site before that.