Google Goggles Now Solves Sudoku Puzzles

Google Goggles is one of the most fascinating products to come out of Google’s labs for quite some time and the company continues to improve the product regularly. Today, Google is introducing a major update Goggles which features improved barcode scanning and the ability to take pictures of ads in magazines and get search results about the product and brand.

Sudoku Solver, Faster Barcode Scanner and Smarter Recognition of Print Ads

If you are still suffering from an unhealthy addiction to Sudoku, Goggles will now also help you to solve these puzzles (though this feels like cheating to us). Just snap a picture of the puzzle and Goggles will provide you with the right answers.

The new barcode scanner (Android only for now) is, according to Google, faster than the old version and it should take the app less than a second to latch on to a code and scan it. Scanning a print ad on Android and the iPhone should now automatically bring up relevant search results. For now, this only works for ads printed in “major U.S. magazines” and only for magazines published after August 2010.

The new barcode scanning algorithm is currently only available in the Android version of Goggles. Ad recognition and the Sudoku solver are available in both the Android and iPhone version.