Google+ Now Has More than 90 Million Users, 60% Sign in Daily (Updated)

In its earnings release and, of course, on Google+, Google just announced that its social network now has more than 90 million users. That's obviously a large number for a network that isn't even a year old at this point (even for one with Google's backing) and higher than most pundits expected them to be at this point. Maybe the more even interesting numbers were shared by Google+'s spiritual father Vic Gundotra, though: according to Google, 60% of all users sign in daily and 80% sign in at least weekly. That's some very high engagement.

Update: Reading over Google's numbers again, I don't think they actually mean that 60% of Google+ users engage with the service daily. Here is my follow-up.

In comparison, Facebook, which has about 800 million users, says 50% of its users come back every day.

Vic Gundotra  Google+

Those numbers are surely also driven by the fact that any Google user who signs in to any of the company's services sees those large red numbers with new notifications in the black navigation bar.

In addition, Gundotra also noted that there are now over 1 million business pages on Google+.

Google, of course, isn't resting on its laurels. The Google+ has, according to Gundotra, shipped one new feature every single day since the launch of the service.

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  1. @wildebees seems a bit of doubt round those figures. Page’s words seemed to say figure was Google products not just Plus. Techcrunch covered

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