Google Offers is Coming to Portland, New York, Oakland and San Francisco

Just a few months ago, it looked as if Google was going to buy Groupon. When that sale fell through, though, Google doubled down and decided to create its own Groupon clone instead. While we heard various rumors about this service in the past, it wasn’t until today that Google Offers, as the service will be known, made its official debut. Google Offers, which promises to give you “50% off or more at places you’ll love” is now available in Portland, OR, Oakland, San Francisco and New York. For New York, Google has decided to split its service up into three territories: downtown, midtown and uptown.

If you’re in one of these cities, you can now sign up here. Businesses who want to be featured by Google can contact the company now as well.

As of now, there is no clear indication when the first deals will arrive. In its confirmation email, Google only states that it will be “in touch soon.” It’s also not clear how Google Offers will distinguish itself from competitors like Groupon and LivingSocial. Currently, it looks like a straight-up Groupon clone.

A radio ad for Google offers will make its debut on Pandora next week.