Google Introduces Easier to Read Search Results Pages to its iOS App

Coming to the Mobile Web Soon?

Google just launched a new version of its search app for iOS that is not only faster, but also features a new look and feel for how it displays search results inside the app. Indeed, the reformatted search results pages look a bit like the experiment Google ran on its website a few weeks ago, with larger fonts and wider spacing that make it easier to read and use on a small screen. In addition, the entire search result is now a “tap target,” meaning you can click anywhere around the link, too, to get to the page you were looking for.


Redesign Coming to Google’s Mobile Web Search, Too?

Hopefully, Google will also make these easier to use search results pages available on its regular mobile search engine. While some users will likely complain that the text is now too big, the fact that it’s now easier to read the results and click on them alone makes up for the additional scrolling that’s now necessary (but then, most users don’t look beyond the third result anyway).


To speed the app up, Google also made its “Just Talk” feature optional. With this feature, users could just hold the phone up to their ear and start speaking to start a query without having to press a button in the app first. This, however, apparently was a major drain on the apps’ performance that Google wasn’t able to resolve.