Has Lulzsec Leaked Your Data Online? Here’s a Simple Tool to Check

Over the last few months, we witnessed the rise of a new hacker group that works under the name Lulzsec. So far, they have hacked into networks from organizations that range from Sony BMG to Nintendo, Pron.com and PBS. In doing so, they have retrieved thousands of names, passwords and other personal data from unsuspecting users. While most of these organizations then go on and sell this information on the black market, Lulzsec regularly releases all of the data it collects online (they are, after all, just doing it for the ‘lulz’). Now, a new tool helps you to find out if any of your own personal data was made public in one of these leaks.

The above widget allows you to just type in your email address and see if any of your data is available in one of Lulzsec’s releases. It’s hosted by cloud hosting company cloudControl, but the author apparently wants to remain anonymous. Our friends from The Next Web assure us that there is no email harvesting or other shenanigans involved here, though. Update: For those worried about this widget harvesting emails, I have confirmed the identity of the developer and it does indeed do what it promises to do. The group behind this tool wants to remain anonymous to ensure they don’t get hacked by Lulzsec themselves.

We can safely assume that Lulzsec hasn’t released all of the data it has amassed yet. Just today, the group released another file with more than 60,000 email addresses and passwords. Chances are that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

[via: The Next Web]

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