Hate it When Blogs Only Give You Partial Feeds? FullTextRSSFeed.com to the Rescue

Do you hate it when a blog only gives you a partial RSS feed and makes you click away from your feed reader to read the rest of a post? Well, starting today you can easily take matters in your own hand with FullTextRSSFeed.com. The site is as simple as it is effective: copy and paste the URL of the partial feed and out comes a new URL with a full feed.

The app simply scans the feed you give it for links and then grabs the full text. I’m not sure how, but I’m guessing something like Readability is involved here. It’s also easy to give it any other kind of feed with links. A feed from Hacker News’ frontpage, for example, returns the full-text view of all the articles currently linked to from there.

This worked very well for the majority of feeds we threw at it, though it choked on a few – most notably ones from the New York Times.

There are Yahoo Pipes and a few other similar tools like WIzard RSS that let you do this, but FullTextRSSFeed.com is the most effective and easiest to use tool in this category I’ve seen so far. Head over there and give it a try.