iOS 5.0.1 is Out Now: Fixes Battery Issues, Brings Multitasking Gestures to Original iPad

Apple just released an update to its iOS operating system for the iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. While the x.0.1 number indicates that this is only a small update, this is actually a major update for those iPhone 4S users who are having issues with the battery life of their devices.

For other iOS users, this update also includes some bug fixes to using Documents in the iCloud and improved voice recognition for those with Australian accents.

One fix/new feature that many iPad 1 owners will appreciate is that their devices will now support the new multitasking gestures that – for some reason – were left out of the original iOS 5 release for their devices.

As usual, this update also includes a number of security fixes.

You can install the update through iTunes now. It doesn’t look like over-the-air updates are available yet.

Here is the complete rundown of today’s updates:

ios 5.0.1. update