Just in Time for Super Tuesday, Google Updates its U.S. Elections Site With Better Maps

Today is one of the most important days in the run-up to the Republican convention in Tampa in August. With 10 states holding primaries at the same time, a less than stellar showing today could mark the beginning of the end for some of the Republican candidates. Just in time for this so-called Super Tuesday, Google has updated its Politics & Elections site with an upgraded visualization of past results and real-time updates from today's contest.

As Google notes, the updated map "lets you track both the state-by-state numbers as well as the results by county, with delegate counts in addition to raw numbers and percentages from the AP." The updated maps then provide users with a bit more detail than before, though the overall design hasn't changed too much.

Google is obviously putting a lot of emphasis on this election cycle. The company's video-sharing site YouTube, for example, will play host to the Washington Post's live video coverage of today's primaries and the company regularly provides pundits with updated graphics based on search volume across its network.

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