Louis Gray Joins Google to Become a Google+ Evangelist

Louis Gray was among the first people I met in my early blogging career. Indeed, he was probably the first blogger I exchanged emails with and the first to publish my full name while I was still writing semi-anonymously. Since then, he’s moved on to become one of the most recognizable faces in the social media space and, after quitting his original job as marketing director at BlueArc, launched a succesful consulting firm and joined recommendation engine my6sense as its VP of marketing. That’s not a bad career, but on Monday, Gray is leaving both my6sense and his consulting career behind to join Google and focus on product marketing and evangelism for the Google+ team.

From Blogger to Google Employee

As such, he will likely become one of the most visible public faces of Google+ in the very near future. In many ways, Gray’s career so far is probably closely aligned with one that many bloggers dream about. Start a blog, quit your day job, make a name for yourself and get hired by Google to do the stuff you already enjoy doing.

Gray was one of the first bloggers to jump on the FriendFeed bandwagon in the early days and was probably among the first 100 or so Google+ users as well. Few people have managed to build quite the same following as Gray (he has close to 28,000 followers on Google+ already), so making him the public face of Google+ is a smart move on Google’s part.

Now is probably a good time to start following Louis on Google+ as well. You can find his profile here.