Making Decisions was Yesterday, Bing is Now "For Doing"

Making Decisions was Yesterday, Bing is Now "For Doing"

Microsoft introduced a new campaign for Bing earlier this morning that features a new slogan for the company's search engine. Until now, Microsoft referred to Bing as a "decision engine." Now, however, the new slogan seems to be that "Bing is for Doing." To highlight this message, Microsoft recorded a inspirational new ad that features American snowboarder Kevin Pearce, who was heavily injured in a snowboarding accident and only recently returned to the slopes.

Microsoft notes that "Bing is for people who do; for people like you who are always doing more and don’t have time to sit still." That's a nice, aspirational message, of course, and may actually work better than the brainier "decision engine" campaign. The general message hasn't really changed that much, as Microsoft is still positioning Bing as the search engine where "you simply get results you can trust that will get you quickly from searching to doing."

Here is the video:

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Good Campaign. Good Slogan. Timing? Not so Much

As far as Microsoft ads go, this one is actually quite good (as were most of the earlier Bing ads, for that matter). The timing of this campaign is a bit delicate, though. While Pearce survived his accident, the Canadian freestyle skier and X-Games champion Sarah Burke, who had crashed earlier this year on the exact same superpipe where Pearce had his accident in 2009, died earlier this week from her head injuries. It's somewhat surprising that Microsoft doesn't acknowledge this in its announcement.