Mobile Gmail Gets a Priority Inbox

Gmail’s Priority Inbox has been a major hit for Google and, according to the company’s own research, saves its users a lot of time. Until now, though, it was only available in the desktop and Android versions of Google’s email service. Starting today, you can also access it in the Gmail mobile web app on most mobile browsers that support HTML5. These include early Android devices that don’t natively support Priority Inbox yet, as well as Apple iOS devices (version 3 and up).

According to Google’s own research, the average Priority Inbox user spends “6% less time reading mail overall, and 13% less time reading unimportant mail.” On a mobile device, where users generally want to get important information even faster than on the desktop, this new feature has the potential to save users even more time.

Chances are that one of the next versions of Apple’s iOS will natively support Priority Inbox. Apple’s slow release schedule for iOS often makes the native email client feel a bit antiquated given how often Google releases new features.

Priority Inbox