Mobile Gmail Gets Support for Multiple Sign-Ins

Google just launched a few small but very useful updates for the mobile version of Gmail. Smartphone users who use the web to access Gmail will now be able to easily switch between multiple accounts (say your private Google Apps and your personal Gmail account). On the web, that’s been a standard feature of Gmail for quite a while now, but wasn’t available on the mobile version yet.

multiple accounts in gmail for mobile

Also New: Mobile-Specific Signatures and Mobile Access to Out-of-Office Replies

In addition, Google is also now giving you the option to set a specific email signature that will appear when you are using the mobile version. . As Google notes, this will give you the opportunity to highlight the fact that “are responding via your mobile phone so that they understand why you might have sent a message that you are meeting for ‘monitors’ and not ‘mojitos.'”

Also new is the ability to set and edit your out-of-office replies on Gmail for mobile. I would guess that most of the users who really need this functionality will also have their corporate laptops with them at all times, but this can probably come in handy when your travel plans suddenly change and there’s no WiFi around.