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Mobile World Congress: SiliconFilter Goes to Barcelona

Mobile World Congress: SiliconFilter Goes to Barcelona

Things are going to look a bit different on SiliconFilter this week. Instead of posting the usual stream of news and reviews, I will be in Barcelona to cover the Mobile World Congress (MWC). Chances are then, you will mostly find news about new gadgets, apps and other mobile technologies here. Over the course of the week, I will also be contributing to live.orange.com, which is run be European telecom giant Orange. In addition to posting here, I will also be writing there a few times a day, together with 10 other bloggers from around the world, for most of the week.

Full disclosure: Orange paid for my transportation to Barcelona, as well as my accommodations here.

MWC, of course, is the world's largest trade show for anything mobile, so chances are we'll find far more interesting stuff there than we can even write about. Just to give you a feel for the size of this show: there were about 60,000 people here last year and there will probably be quite a few more this time around. 

I should note that we don't plan to focus on breaking news about the latest phones as much (The Verge, Engadget and co. are probably the places to go to for that). Instead, our posts will be more about the cool little things we find and the big overall trends we see.