Mustachio: The One Chrome Extension You Need to Install Today

It’s Friday, a traditionally slow day for tech news, so here is something fun to do while you are waiting for the next Apple rumor to appear (and be promptly debunked): install the Mustachio Chrome extension. Once installed, this plugin will use face recognition software to overlay a mustache onto any face it detects. What more do you need to make your Friday afternoon go by faster?

Mel Gibson - Mustatchiofied

It looks like the mustachio servers are getting slammed right now, so it sometimes takes a bit for the mustaches to show up, but that’s a small price to pay for a fully mustachiofied website. The face recognition software, by the way, is powered by and the extension was developed by U.K. media technology company Forward. If you are interested in seeing the source code, you can find it here on Github.